Female Tradies in the Building Industry

April/May 2014, by Omesh Jethwani

Omesh Jethwani, NSW State Manager CAMS, interviewed four female tradies who started their own trade businesses; Victoria Waring, a painter from Ms.Fix, Sheree Canham, a bricklayer from Dolly Bird Bricks and siblings Penny Petridis, a carpenter and metal fabricator, and Anna Kay a licenced builder from Female Tradie, to  nd out why they decided to pursue a career in the building and construction industry.

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The Importance of Workplace Mentors

January/March 2014, by Omesh Jethwani

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn” Benjamin Franklin.

What is Mentoring in the Workplace?
Workplace mentoring is a learning partnership between employers and employees for the purpose of passing and sharing institutional knowledge, technical information and insights. In today’s business world more and more companies are embracing the concept of mentoring as a professional development tool.

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Hiring a Female Apprentice

January/March 2014, by Omesh Jethwani

“We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.” Ernest Hemingway.

NSW Schools and RTOs are reporting an increase in students from Year 10 onwards signing up to learn how to be carpenters, shopfitters, cabinetmakers, electricians or plumbers and what is even more fascinating is the sudden increase and interest of female students.

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Skills Shortages in the NSW Building Industry

October/November 2013, by Omesh Jethwani

Skills shortages are seen as one of the most significant issues affecting housing affordability in Australia. This affects nearly all trades and industry areas and employers need to be encouraged to invest in the training of young people. With such acute shortages with lack of skilled labour in bricklayers, carpenters, cabinetmakers, tiling and plumbing in New South Wales we need to attract talented apprentices more than ever.

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Becoming a Great Mentor

October/November 2013, by Omesh Jethwani

“Mentoring brings us together – across generation, class, and often race – in a manner that forces us to acknowledge our interdependence, to appreciate, in Martin Luther King, Jr.’s words, that ‘we are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality tied to a single garment of destiny.’ In this way, mentoring enables us to participate in the essential but unfinished drama of reinventing community, while reaffirming that there is an important role for each of us in it”, says Marc Freedman.

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Women Mentors in the Building Industry

August/September 2013, by Omesh Jethwani

The building and construction industry is the largest employer of trade apprentices and trainees in the Australian economy, with over 50,000 apprentices and trainees currently in training. Building and construction is one of only a few industries to retain a high proportion of skilled trade workers, most of whom come through the apprenticeship pathway. Omesh Jethwani, NSW State Manager, interviewed three of CAMS female mentors to find out why they decided to volunteer in this typically male dominated industry.

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