Financial Assistance

ABSTUDY: The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Study Scheme

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Centrelink assistance programs for individuals looking for employment or needing support. Please note that the Centrelink website is gradually being incorporated into the Department of Human Services website.

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Newstart Allowance

Newstart Allowance provides financial help if you are looking for work. It supports you while you do activities that may increase your chances of finding a job, such as studying or training.

You may be eligible for Newstart Allowance if you are:

Study Assist

Whether you are planning to study at university, through Technical and Further Education (TAFE) or with other approved education providers, the Study Assist website provides a one stop shop for all your questions about Australian Government assistance to help finance your tertiary studies. This includes information about VET FEE‑HELP assistance, which is available to assist eligible students studying higher level Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualifications (Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma courses) to pay for their tuition fees. Currently, VET FEE‑HELP is not available for Certificates I‑IV.


Please refer to Study Assist.

Youth Allowance

Youth Allowance provides financial help for young people who are studying full time, undertaking a full-time Australian Apprenticeship, training, looking for work or sick.