For Employers

Looking for a reliable apprentice or trainee to work on your next residential, commercial or civil project?  Perhaps you require an Aboriginal apprentice or trainee for government projects?

Every year over a hundred building & construction companies get involved with Group Training.  There is a great reason why.

Apprentices and trainees do real jobs for builders and subcontractors; they are at the forefront of the Government’s agenda because they are a proven means of providing the next generation with the skills and knowledge they need to take their place in the building and construction workforce.

Group Scheme has proven to be a relatively easy way to take on apprentices.  This arrangement eases the burden of paperwork for wages, allowances, workers’ compensation and superannua­tion, which allows training employers to invest more time in supervising and monitoring the performance and well-being of the new apprentice.

Group Scheme makes it as simple as possible for builders and subcontractors to take on apprentices and trainees:

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