If you are interested in an apprenticeship or traineeship you will be glad to know that you can improve your chances of accessing the program through pre-apprenticeship training opportunities.   A pre-apprenticeship program provides you with an opportunity to complete prerequisite courses that is relevant to the building industry.  There are several courses available and you should be able to find one that is relevant to your needs.

Without work experience it may prove rather difficult to get an opportunity for apprenticeship or traineeship.  A pre-apprenticeship will give you an edge over other applicants and help you to impress potential employers.  There are many other applicants interested in the same opportunities as you and so you have to find ways to impress employers.

Pre-apprenticeships are meant for school leavers as well as unemployed people that are keen on returning to the work force.  However, anyone interested in improving skills and gaining insight in in the building industry can enroll for a pre-apprenticeship.

Apart from giving you an edge over other applicants, by completing a pre-apprenticeship program the workload that you will be required to cover in subsequent years will reduce significantly.  This is because you may get exemptions from courses already covered during pre-apprenticeship training. This is just another benefit of a pre-apprenticeship program.

Pre-apprenticeship training is a great way of preparing individuals for entry into Australian apprenticeships.  It consists of off-the-job training with registered training organisations and may contain elements of work experience with employers.  It is quite beneficial to undertake pre-apprenticeship training because it enables you to acquire basic skills in addition to acquiring the necessary experience that you may require in apprenticeship or traineeship.

Some examples of pre-apprenticeship courses available are Civil Construction, Concreting, Construction Pathways, Furnishing Finishing, Furniture Making, Horticulture and Electronology.

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