School Based

School based apprenticeships and traineeships allow senior high school students to commence an apprenticeship or complete a traineeship while at school. School based apprentices work part-time and undertake the first stage of their apprenticeship training before the end of the HSC year.  School based trainees work part-time and complete their traineeship by the end of their HSC year.

Both the on-the-job and off-the-job training undertaken by school based apprentices/trainees can contribute to their HSC.  School based apprentices will commence full-time employment as a 2nd year apprentice from January after their HSC, providing that they have successfully completed both their on-the-job and off-the-job training program during their senior high school years.

While at school, the school based apprentice must complete a specified number of days of paid employment as a first-year apprentice. For many trades the minimum requirement is 100 days but for some trades (e.g. electrical and electronics trades) it may be as high as 180 days.  School based apprentices will be enrolled in the relevant trade course, generally at Certificate III level, from the beginning of their apprenticeship. The formal training component to be completed while at school is generally equivalent to what a full-time apprentice would complete in their first year.  School based apprentices must complete the formal training component by the end of Term 3 before the HSC to ensure the student receives appropriate credit for the HSC. They must complete the minimum number of days of paid employment by 31 December of the HSC year to progress into the next stage of their apprenticeship.

A school based trainee will be enrolled in the relevant qualification at a Certificate II or Certificate III level. They must complete a minimum of 100 days of paid employment, or as specified in the relevant Vocational Training Order. They must also complete their formal training component by the end of Term 3 before the HSC, to ensure the student

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