Strategies & Partnerships

Construction is traditionally a man’s domain (the second most male dominated industry in Australia after mining) but more women are donning hard hats and forging careers in the building industry.

The ALink Team is developing strategies to encourage girls and women to undertake and complete training in these areas and to maintain employment as a tradesperson into the future.  One of these strategies is the formation of partnerships with organisations such as Women NSW, The Lady Tradies, Supporting and Linking Tradeswomen (SALT) and MBA Women in Construction aligned to our aim of increasing the numbers of girls and women in non-traditional trades.

The aim is to increase the number of girls and women working in male-dominated trades in the building industry.  The motivation is there to try and get girls and women in the industry to set up businesses or do an apprenticeship.

Girls and women currently make up only 13% of trade apprentices and trainees in NSW, with most girls and women opting to pursue apprenticeships in areas such as hairdressing and beauty therapy.

The good news is that Australian women are entering male-dominated trades. In 2011 there were:

These trades are all identified in NSW as experiencing a skill shortage.  This means there are less qualified tradespeople in these areas than the number of available jobs.  For people with these skills, it can mean above award wages and job opportunities across Australia.

Girls in Trades

Women NSW and the Department of Education and Communities have developed new classroom resources to assist high school girls into non-traditional trades.

The Girls in Trades initiative recognises that high school is a time when students begin to seek advice on further study and career opportunities.

The advantages of a career in the trades can include independence, earning a generous income, flexible working arrangements and enhanced career opportunities.

Careers advisers, teachers, parents and students can now view and download the Girls in Trades resources, including an information sheet, tradeswomen profiles, video footage, posters and lesson plans for the classroom.

You can download the resources via the links below.


Women NSW

Women NSW aims to improve the lives of women in NSW by achieving justice and equality for the women of NSW through policy, innovation and collaboration.

We work with other agencies, community organisations and inter-governmental networks to ensure a fairer and more equal outcome for all women. 

Supporting And Linking Tradeswomen (SALT)

Supporting And Linking Tradeswomen (SALT) is a non-profit incorporated organisation which began in 2009 to provide a support network for tradeswomen, apprentices and women who wish to enter the trades. The aims of SALT are:

The Lady Tradies

Lady Tradies is an organisation Promoting, supporting, connecting and encouraging Women in Non-Traditional roles and the Trades!

Our aims are to:

Provide benefits, bonuses, support and assistance to all Lady Tradies and the Community at large by:

• Creating more work for Lady Tradies &/or their employers
• Providing a network of support and encouragement for those in the industry
• Assisting with information on apprenticeships, employment, and training
• Promoting and encouraging females in non-traditional roles and the trades in general
• Obtaining trade discounts and sponsorships for their benefit
• Providing the community an alternative to the ‘traditional male tradesperson’, by having the ability & alternative to use a Lady Tradie for the work you require. 

MBA Women in Construction (MBA WIC)

MBA WIC is a forum meeting regularly to discuss women’s issues in the building and construction industry.  The purpose of the committee is to advise the MBA, and in turn the NSW government on promoting women’s leadership in NSW; current industry initiatives supporting women’s participation in non-traditional careers; and the barriers, issues and opportunities for women’s participation in such careers.    For more information please contact Amanda de Vries,