What are the best luxury architects in sydney?

Also known as Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp, fjmtstudio has been practicing in Australia for more than two decades. The studio office in Sydney is complemented by teams based in Melbourne and the United Kingdom. The work includes thoughtful civic projects, such as libraries, police stations, and other municipal buildings. They have also created large theaters, exhibition halls and museums.

Throughout its portfolio, fjmt's work incorporates dramatic gestures while remaining functional and respectful of its environment. Founded by a group of architects in 1938, the international practice has been around 80 years. In addition to Sydney, the firm's offices are located in Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth, and in Hong Kong, London and San Francisco. Hassell works around the world in architecture, interior design, landscape architecture and urban design.

They recently completed the Boola Bardip Museum in Washington, carefully restoring historic buildings along with the addition of a contemporary intervention and inserting a space for public events where eras meet. Founded by creative director William Smart in 1997, the Sydney-based studio is guided by a love for pure modernism, believing that “form has a function. Currently comprised of more than 45 professionals, projects include residential, commercial, master planning and public projects. The studio has extensive experience working with heritage structures, including a recent project in the suburbs of Sydney that united four new residential buildings with restored and reused horse stables.

Founded in South Africa in 1980 by director Bruce Stafford, BSA is now headquartered in Sydney. Over the decades, the firm has completed more than 200 projects in Australia, Africa and the Caribbean. Stafford has directed a variety of evocative works, including critically acclaimed hotels and spectacular waterfront residences. Inspired by the “spirit of place”, the firm's projects are guided by a collaborative process that meets the client's needs, as well as by the innovative use of natural materials.

Established in 2001 by director Andrew Burges, Andrew Burges Architects is a small team of architects and designers. The practice works on residential projects, civic and public buildings, and master planning. ABA has experience working with heritage buildings and sensitive sites. Recent projects include an award-winning house and an aquatic recreation center, both in Sydney.

Neil Durbach, Camilla Block and David Jaggers lead the Sydney-based studio. The architects are joined by several other team members who have been together for more than 20 years. Durbach Block Jaggers works mainly in residential, institutional and commercial architecture. The firm has also designed some products, such as a wall lamp and a cast brass door handle.

Established in 1986, Casey Brown Architecture is led by Rob Brown and Caroline Casey. The firm has built more than 100 projects in Australia, including residential and commercial buildings. Casey Brown Architecture has been published internationally in books and magazines, and has been included in numerous architectural exhibitions. Recent projects include a cabin-like getaway made from recycled iron bark and a collaborative redevelopment of the Wodonga Library in Victoria.

Founded in 2004 by architects Alison Nobbs and Sean Radford, the Sydney-based studio specializes in residential architecture in Australia. Nobbs Radford Architects recently created an elegant house oriented around a central courtyard with a thoughtful materiality. The firm has worked in several environments, from urban centers to an environment of rugged scrub. Also an expert in interior design, the studio strives to create a peaceful reprieve and strengthen family participation.

List of the top 10 architectural firms in Sydney Seidler's impressive work includes the Australia Square Tower, in Sydney; the Embassy of Australia in Paris; the MLC Centre, in Sydney; Igloo House, in Sydney; Grosvenor Place, in Sydney; QV1, in Perth; Meriton Tower, in Sydney; and Harry and Penelope's Seidler House in Killara, among many more. Seidler has won the Sir John Sulman Medal five times. We reviewed 106 Sydney architectural firms to find the best in the city. If you're looking for an architect near you, you'll want to rely on a top-notch expert.

JS Architects is an architectural firm with 27 years of experience in the sector. The firm, founded by Simon Ochudzawa in 1995, offers comprehensive architectural services, from preliminary feasibility studies to design sketches, contract documentation, development applications and administrative and post-occupation evaluation. The firm also offers environmentally friendly layout and design analysis as part of its complete design solution. In 2000, JS Architects undertook major residential and commercial projects and provided resources for staff to take on multi-million dollar projects in Australia and around the world.

With more than 30 years of experience in construction in Sydney, Luigi Roselli Architects is proud of its good relationships with different public municipalities. This makes them a trustworthy company, as they have designed art galleries, chapels, libraries, office buildings, and more. NBRS Architecture is an architectural firm with a multidisciplinary design practice based in Milsons Point. Its team of more than 100 creative professionals from across Australia specializes in heritage, landscape, architecture, urban interior design and compliance (26% research).

His recent prestigious projects include the Taronga Institute for Science and Learning, the Sutherland Entertainment Center, the Armidale Secondary College, the Dapt Community Health Center, the Porter House Hotel and 262 Liverpool Street. COX Architecture is a firm with multidisciplinary practices for architecture, planning, urban design and interior design, with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. COX Architecture was founded in 1962 by its founder Philip Cox OA. Turner Studio is a renowned and award-winning design studio.

They have been practicing since 2001 and have continuously improved their craft. It shows in its thoughtful architectural, interior and environmental graphics results. Turner Studio has experience in architecture, urban, interior and experiential design. Its team of 92 architects, interior designers and graphic designers comes from 24 different backgrounds and countries.

This is manifested in Turner Studio's diverse yet cohesive projects. Their approach to design shows unique points of view, but remains familiar. Some of their projects cover buildings, hospitality centers, housing for the elderly, apartments, houses, mixed-use spaces, and more. In particular, they masterplanned The Orchards, Macquarie Square, Waterloo Estate, 420 Forest Road, Jakarta New Port, Woolooware Bay, and Washington Park, to name a few.

This firm has completed more than 120 commercial projects since its creation in 1983, including several award-winning properties, such as 197 Church Street, Parramatta and the IronBark apartments. It was founded in 1938 and then specializes in architecture, landscape, interior design, urban, commercial and labor design, aviation, planning, culture and arts, health, hospitality, education, public space, railroad, retail, sports and sports entertainment and experience design. Some of their projects in Australia include the first building of the Advanced Manufacturing Research Center (AMRF), the 33-level Sixty Martin Place tower, the Melbourne Arts Precinct, SEEK's world headquarters, the Boola Bardrip Museum in Washington, the Birch Building, Otter Place and more. They have experience in the commercial, residential and data center sectors for their architectural service.

The service covers information, spatial and test planning, detailed design, conceptual design, construction documentation, and site monitoring during construction. They prepare high-quality 3D representations and guided tours so that their clients can better visualize the project. Greenbox's architectural due diligence services include evaluating planning controls, reviewing the site and surrounding areas, blocking and stacking to determine the maximum potential for site development and engagement with the customer, other stakeholders, and approval authorities. Some projects they have are Perisher Police Station, Digital Realty Syd 11, NEXTDC S3, Equinix Syd 4, Tech Park and more.

Described as bold, provocative, organic, daunting, practical, contemporary, innovative and sustainable, Sydney's emerging architecture and design challenges are enough to seduce any architect to the city. ARCHITECTS EAT is led by a talented team of passionate, thoughtful and detail-oriented architects and interior designers. Recently, these architects transformed an iconic Sydney building into a workplace for an Australian fashion brand, including the restoration of a glass ceiling that now crowns a spectacular central atrium. Sydney architects, including others such as Jean Nouvel, Richard Rogers, Renzo Piano, Norman Foster and Frank Gehry, have made significant contributions to Sydney's urban landscape.

You don't need to use an architect to build a house, but it's highly recommended to use an architect or building designer to build a new home. With a keen eye and an inherent sense of which properties have the best potential, Rob Mills Architects has an exceptional ability to find excellent land in Sydney for his clients and brings a wealth of experience working with Sydney's city councils and planning communities. Founded in 1889 in Sydney as Peddle Thorp & Walker, PTW Architects has offices in Sydney and Asia, including Shanghai and Ho Chi Minh City. Across Australia and internationally, Rob and his talented team of architects and interior designers design quality materials and cutting-edge technology to fit the lifestyle their clients enjoy and create unique architecture and interior design that represents an everyday luxury experience.

We've reviewed the best architects in Sydney so you can choose the right professional to work with when it comes to designing your dream home. Christopher Polly Architect is an award-winning full-service architectural firm based in Sydney, Australia. Finding the best architect in Sydney is important if you want a professional to realize your vision and ideas in the best possible way. The award-winning Sydney architecture and interior design firm offers custom home designs filled with fresh air, light and breathing space.


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