What qualifications do luxury architects in sydney need to have?

To become an architect in Australia, you must complete an accredited master's degree, gain industry experience, and pass a three-part evaluation. In Australia, the accredited degree is usually the master's degree in architecture. In practice, most students first earn the bachelor's degree designated by the provider. This bachelor's degree is specifically intended to match the supplier's mastery and to progressively expose students to the concepts and skills necessary to enter the master's degree in architecture.

Providers can also accept students to pursue their master's degree from a variety of previous education experiences, in accordance with the provider's policies. The Bachelor of Design in Architecture is the first of the two degrees needed to become an architect. Students who wish to obtain professional recognition as architects must also complete the master's degree in Architecture (C0423). They have the opportunity to work on real projects and to engage with stakeholders such as the Powerhouse Museum, ABC, the Port of Sydney Forest Authority (SHFA) and the Sydney Olympic Park Authority.

The Bachelor of Design in Architecture followed by the Master of Architecture (C0423) is accredited for professional recognition by the New South Wales Board of Architects Registration, the Australian Institute of Architects and the Commonwealth Association of Architects. Progressing as an architect takes a while, as you may be working on a project for 3 years, so architects understand and respect each other. Architect registration boards determine specific requirements and administer legislation that regulates the registration of architects.

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